I aim to provide access to all areas of development. One of these areas include introduction to basic IT Literacy skills and safe usage of the internet (Depending on age). I provide fully monitored access to internet and resources include colour printer.


I will ensure that all the activities that children take part in are catered to their needs and requirements. I will provide them with the resources and activities that promote and encourage the development of seven areas listed on the EYFS document.

My routines will be flexible and adjusted according to the needs of individual children.

Day Plan:

8.00-9.00am = Registering children/settling in/individual play aimed at the children's learning

9.00-9.30 = Breakfast time

9.30-10.00 = Circle Time

10.00-10.45 = Adult led activity (will be something aimed to be developing either the prime areas or specific areas of learning development)

10.45-11.00 = Individual play

11.00-11.15 = Snack Time

11.15-12.00 = Adult led activity

12.00-1.00 = Lunch time

1.00-2.00 = Outdoor play/active play

2.00-3.00 = Nap time/Resting time/Drinks time

3.00-3.45 = Arts and Craft/messy time

3.45-4.00 = Tidy up time

4.00-4.30 = Music and song time

4.30-5.30 = Individual play

5.30-5.45 = Story Time

5.45-6.00 = Getting ready for collection


I have in place policies and procedures to ensure that your child is protected at all times and gets the best possible start in their growing up.
Below are what we adhere to.
You can view / download the full list here.

(Please note, you will need a PDF reader to view the policies. You can download a free PDF reader from Adobe.)